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92.3 FM

Sheldon Ramgoolam

SHELDON RAMGOOLAM: MON-FRI 2-6PM AND SATURDAYS 10AM -2PM A very real individual who enjoys the practical parts of life offering to assist others in any way possible. Loyalty is another fantastic quality in this young man, appreciative of respect as he believes as human beings we at least owe that to each other. Compared to a rolling stone that gathers no moss Sheldon always tries to seek out creativity, in its many forms. This Sagittarius hails from ElDorado, Tacarigua and has worn many hats in his still very young years. From a Restaurant/Pub Manager to Car Wash, Events Coordinator, D.J , Master of Ceremonies and currently, a radio show host. His shows on Taj 92.3 FM provide an enjoyable listening experience not just because of his cheerful approach but there is a deep passion for local music that comes alive for his fans.