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92.3 FM

Rafi Mohammed

RAFI MOHAMMED- Mon- Thur 6pm – 9pm and Sun 6 am-10 am. Rafi’s involvement in radio goes back many years to Radio Trinidad assisting his uncles, Moeen and Sham Mohammed. He then moved across to Prime 106 fm owned at that time by TV6 and The Trinidad Express, producing and presenting Indian programmes for the first time on an FM station offering Indian programming on a daily basis with four hour blocks on weekends. Rafi moved across to 610 am which eventually was converted to an all Indian frequency 91.1fm owned by the state. Long after the closure of The National Broadcasting Co, Rafi continued entertaining many fans on radio. Rafi Mohammed was also the producer of the popular Television show Indian Variety that showcased local Indian Talent on a weekly basis. In addition to his radio and television experience, Rafi Mohammed produces a number popular local stage shows for major events like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Valentine’s Day showcasing the best local artistes as well as several rising stars from the Bollywood film industry as guest performers to join our locals- artistes such as Kamal Khan, Ash King, Vineet Singh, Zubeen and Raghav to name a few. He has now joined Taj 92.3FM and looks forward to sharing his experience gathered over the last thirty years with listeners to this brand new entity.