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Pundit Krishen

Pt. Krishen Ramdeen : Sun – Thurs 5 – 6am Pt. Krishen Ramdeen has grown to be a true leader in his professional life, spiritual life and socially. The epitome of a well-rounded citizen of the world, Pt. Krishen has excelled in every facet of his life. But those who know him well understand that the true purpose that burns within his heart is the need to help others, to make his following hungry for higher knowledge; and he does this by developing the youth. Many consider him a pioneer of spirituality who encourages others to see beyond a boxed-in mentality even while exploring age-old philosophy. He can speak comfortably about the Atma (soul) or the Atom in the same sermon, intertwining spirituality and science in an effort to unravel and inspire the discovery of truth. Some would say that he has reached the top of his professional ladder, contributing towards revolutionizing his field with such fervor that he has earned great respect from his peers. When Pt. Krishen teaches his congregation at the Railway Road Dharam Sabha (RRDS), it does not stop at religion or spirituality. He goes further to encourage a better humanity. As such, over the past decade, his temple has been involved in environmental and humanitarian projects. Bacche Kaand – ‘The Children’s Chapter’, a project founded by Pt. Krishen Ramdeen, is the culmination of the continuous investment in the community’s children that happens throughout the year under his watchful guidance. It is geared towards creating balanced individuals in a contemporary world. You can tune in to Pundit Krishen Ramdeen’s motivational hour Keshavam – The Cosmic Dance on Taj 92.3fm Sun- Thur 5am -6 am .