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Karen Dass

KAREN DASS- KD (Weekdays 6am- 10am) With 10 years of eminence on Bollwood music based formats followed by 8 years of extreme success with Pop/Rock music formats, Karen brings 16 years of consistency in the field of radio, presenting top morning drive and midmorning shows. Her experience covers a range of music formats, from Modern and Classic Bollywood, Chutney, and Adult Contemporary. She was also fondly referred to as “The Voice” a few years back as hers was the official voice for one of the local TV Stations. More than just a radio show host, Karen Dass is a trained Classical Dancer. Her style of dance comes from South India and she remains the first and only Trinidadian to have completed a full dance solo recital/graduation locally in the style of Kuchipudi. Karen’s father is currently the Dharmacharya (Archbishop) of The Kabir Panth Association, a sect of Hinduism and it is with his support, she has remained a cultured and inspired individual. Karen Dass keeps a steady momentum necessary for those on the move with TMR Weekdays 6am- 10am.