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TAJ News Talk: May 26th, 2017

Title: The Lawless rule of Law.

Happy Friday to all our fans.

Another scorching day in Trinidad and Tobago starts with the continued upset of the Judiciary.

The saga surrounding former Chief Magistrate Marcia Ayres-Caesar continues unabated, with about as many twists as a roller coaster.

As the esteemed judge is removed from the limelight, it has come to pass that 53 cases must be restarted.

The distribution of these cases are a further concern as well.

Spare a thought for those persons, innocent or guilty, who now have to restart this arduous and stressful process.

And with the delays already well known in our court system, how many years have some of these matters been pending?

According to reports, some cases are as old as 10 years.

So for the individuals languishing in jail or unable to make ends meet because of their present situation, it is just unfair. Even unjust.

Of course, these matters should not be disregarded.

All cases before a judge or jury should be heard, debated and prosecuted to the full extent of our archaic laws.

But when the laws are archaic, delays are inevitable and technicalities win the day.

From all sides, Marcia Ayres-Caesar has been deemed a woman of high integrity and always conducted herself in a manner befitting of a judge.

Indeed, it seems unlikely such a conscientious person would make such errors.

Whatever the truth is, we certainly hope it is set free very soon.


On a side note, we at TAJ92.3FM would like to extend special Ramadan greetings to all our Muslims brothers and sisters. May the spirit of Allah keep you nourished during your fasting period.



A.C. Chan
A.C. Chan

Andrew is first and foremost a writer. Since he was seven and realized this, his life’s pursuit has been researching and understanding all the specific elements and genres of his craft. These genres include creative prose and poetry, to journalistic, copywriting, blogging and academic writing. As the News Editor and Presenter for TAJ 92.3FM, Andrew gets to pursue a number of passions: reading, writing and talking to people! He is currently pursuing his BA in Communications with a Minor in Literature at the University of the West Indies. Andrew is an avid West Indies and Liverpool FC fan. In his spare time, he enjoys playing cricket, swimming, reading and of course, writing!

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