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TAJ News Talk: July 26th, 2017

Title: The Hustle is too Real.


Hurray for midweek as July comes closer and closer to an end.

For all of those gainfully employed, and those otherwise, we know the hustle.

The balancing act of salary or funds attained, with wants and needs is a difficult one and it always feels like you’re ready to fall off.

Indeed, if you manage it for a couple days, it’s as if you are tightrope walking across the globe!


The Hustle is Real.


People just hustle on different levels.

The vagrant hustles for a dollar.

The taxi man hustles for a fare.

The salesman hustles for a buyer.

The businessman hustles for an investor.

The bank hustles them all for money.


And Government is no different.

The State has their hands full, almost an all you can eat buffet of serious issues they need to fix.

The first one is the ongoing saga of Marcia Ayers-Caesar and a huge spoke in our judicial wheel.

Attorney Keith Scotland says the Attorney General should come in for praise for proposing legislation to solve the crisis.

And like it or not, it’s a matter of national interest for all persons, as at some point, unfortunately or otherwise, we will all have to pass through our very young in the scheme of the world legal system.


But the CL Financial issue.

Economist Indera Sagewan-Ali is of the FIRM belief the conglomerate should not be liquidated.

Sagewan-Ali understands the economic situation the country is facing and respects the government needs money.

But it seems like selling the family car to take a vacation.

Sagewan-Ali notes at its pinnacle, CL Financial was well respected, locally, regionally and internationally.

And it made a lot of money for the country.


So why is when we need money now, more than ever, we aren’t trying to save CL Financial?

Government wants their bailout money, which the shareholders have promised.


So let’s move on. Learn from the mistakes. And re-awaken the sleeping CL giant. Properly.


A.C. Chan
A.C. Chan

Andrew is first and foremost a writer. Since he was seven and realized this, his life’s pursuit has been researching and understanding all the specific elements and genres of his craft. These genres include creative prose and poetry, to journalistic, copywriting, blogging and academic writing. As the News Editor and Presenter for TAJ 92.3FM, Andrew gets to pursue a number of passions: reading, writing and talking to people! He is currently pursuing his BA in Communications with a Minor in Literature at the University of the West Indies. Andrew is an avid West Indies and Liverpool FC fan. In his spare time, he enjoys playing cricket, swimming, reading and of course, writing!

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