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TAJ News Talk: April 5th 2017: Money worries

Trinidad and Tobago is in the midst of a recession.

Of course, nobody is feeling it, because the jam continues.

But if you look around, there are signs.

Things you can’t get in the grocery.

Foreign supplies of items are dwindling.

Yet still, we do not develop our own infrastructure and plans for internally dealing with the situation.

Instead, we depend on outside sources for our money.

Shell. Exxon. BP.

Oil and Gas.

Or to change it up for once, gas and oil.

The Prime Minister has been meeting with oil reps in Houston and it’s all good news.

Minister Stuart Young says a 10 year road map plan of gas will be laid before Parliament.

Gas going before hot air, as it were.

So why still all the borrowing?

Finance Minister Colm Imbert raised a couple billion from his roadshow.

Then he took money from the Heritage and Stabilisation Fund. Twice.

Now it’s a withdrawal from the Andean Development Corporation.

A bank based in Venezuela. Where it’s hard to get food.

Imbert, who is also acting Prime Minister with Rowley out of the country, noted we had invested 2 billion dollars in the Andean Development Corporation.

Yet still weren’t full members. To attain the full benefits.

Do we have to go into debt with them before they respect us? Before we get full value for our hard earned foreign currency.

But we shouldn’t be surprised.

This is how we are treated by local banks. Like chattel. Just a number on a piece of paper.

Where you are charged for having a savings account.

They say “do so ain’t like so”

Unless we start thinking for ourselves, is just so we going and get it.


A.C. Chan
A.C. Chan

Andrew is first and foremost a writer. Since he was seven and realized this, his life’s pursuit has been researching and understanding all the specific elements and genres of his craft. These genres include creative prose and poetry, to journalistic, copywriting, blogging and academic writing. As the News Editor and Presenter for TAJ 92.3FM, Andrew gets to pursue a number of passions: reading, writing and talking to people! He is currently pursuing his BA in Communications with a Minor in Literature at the University of the West Indies. Andrew is an avid West Indies and Liverpool FC fan. In his spare time, he enjoys playing cricket, swimming, reading and of course, writing!

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