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March 20th, 2017

TITLE: Happy Happy Day!

Welcome to another splendiferous week on TAJ 92.3FM.

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Of course, today is the International Day of Happiness.

Started in 2012 by the United Nations, International Happiness Day measures

subjective well being; how happy people in any country are, and why.

It came after all 193 member states of the UN adopted a resolution for the well-

being of people to be given a greater priority.

The United Nations identified 17 Sustainable development goals, which include

ending poverty, reduce inequality, and protect our planet.

In the statistics revealed by the questionnaires set up, there is no surprise that

Europe is at the top of the list. In leaps and bound: 6 of the top 10 countries are

European, headed by Norway.

At the other end of the spectrum, African and Middle Eastern countries languish

at the bottom: countries torn apart by famine, war and other problems…other

problems that lead to sadness and despair.

In addition to these criteria, the United Nations also looked at other factors: the

corruption levels, GDP per capita as well as the work/life balance ratio.

With “Trumpocracy” in force, USA dropped to 14 th while the United Kingdom’s

Brexit pull out dropped them to 19 th .

Trinidad and Tobago, the highest of the Caribbean countries, came in at 38 th

position in the world.

The rating was 6.168, slightly lower than the Latin American average.

This is an accurate figure that represents the idiosyncrasies of our country.

Despite the crime that is affecting all levels of society, Trinbagonians enjoy a

sense of unparalleled freedom, bordering on lawlessness.

Is it any surprise that we live by a “hang dem high” kind of mentality?

Attorney at law Jean-Marc Morris says human rights laws are enshrined in the


But, as with many other things, Morris believes the laws are not upheld.

If we share gruesome murders on social media, without caring for human life,

how can we say we are happy?

Or if we don’t care for human life at all?

But there are positives that shine through.

One of those is Jeromy Rodriguez. The 15 year old head of the Anti-Bullying

Association, who started the organization after seeing his sister being bullied.

He has pleaded with his countrymen and women to turn towards kindness and

push that forward.

The voice of the innocent child speaks louder than anyone else.

Maybe it’s time we listen and learn.

A.C. Chan

Aisha Mohammed
Aisha Mohammed

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