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March 17th, 2017

TITLE: The past to a future

First of all, the TAJ family will like to extend condolences to relatives of murdered

policewoman, Nyasha Joseph.

Despite the different, varied opinions we as persons have of the police service,

our hearts must go out to Nyasha’s colleagues.

In feedback from various officials, Nyasha was a shining light in the police service.

Sadly, all she becomes is another woman murdered, allegedly at the hands of a

jilted lover.

Another recent loss is just as saddening. Poet laureate Sir Derek Walcott passed

away at the age of 87 after a long illness.

This master of words made the Caribbean sweeter in how he told our story.

There might not be a connection between the two, but bear with me.

And now, hanging is back on the agenda.

Former Attorney General Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj, he of “Dole Chadee

deliverance” fame, is working with the Government to bring it back.

Senior Counsel Israel Khan says it’s the law and he is in favour of it.

Khan added he would like to see, however murders categorized: 1 st degree, 2 nd

degree etc., with 1 st degree only being put down by the state.

Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley has also said he is a firm believer…spare the

noose, spoil the criminal, as it were.

Of course, if one argues “humanity,” the killing of any human, vile or innocent is


Or one might be in favour of capital punishment: let’s get rid of those murderers

and paedophiles!

But surely this ancient method of “humane killing” doesn’t have to stand!

Lethal injection anyone?

The past does help build the future. But that does not mean it should dictate

every aspect of it.

Our past treatment of women in this country must be our past.

Forget the days of licks and discussing it with your fellow women folk at the

village standpipe.

Women are, and will always be stronger than men: we would wilt and fade if we

faced but an ounce of the pain of childbirth.

Let Nyasha’s light shine through to a brighter future.

Let Walcott’s words dance in the life you live.

But always look forward to better. To greater. To peace.

Happy Friday.

A.C. Chan

Aisha Mohammed
Aisha Mohammed

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