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SRK Marks Twenty Five Years in Bollywood

During his recent Eid festivities, the Badshah of Bollywood sat down with Times of India and discussed his twenty five year old Bollywood career.

Having completed this milestone, the actor emphasized that he is still young. He also said that it does not feel like so long as it all happened so fast before his eyes. SRK said, “When I speak to my family, and see my children all grown up, so reality is there for me to see, but I do feel all of this happened so fast. That’s why when people question for how many years I’m doing the same thing, and for how long I’ll continue doing it, I find it odd. Because for me, I have just arrived, if I am working with all these women, I’m also young right?”

The actor recalled that a few days before Eid, he sat down and went through his Twitter, counting photos of his films posted by fans. He was overwhelmed by their love and support but he has lost count of how many films he has done. SRK went on to say that unless he writes a script about himself, no one will know the most interesting parts of his life.

However, he did share a little about his struggle to get where he is today, “I will tell you what my story will seem like, it is a story of a boy who came to the city of dreams, struggled, lost his parents early in life, became a big star without having a Bollywood godfather. Which will be extremely boring. It won’t work until I flop and do something legendary that is so controversial that people get shocked. My biopic will be boring without my controversies and I’m the only one who knows them.”


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