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Sonu Nigam defends Justin Bieber

Sonu Nigam defends Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is currently in India as part of his Purpose Tour and has been under heavy criticism

for his high end list of demands. Bollywood playback singer, Sonu Nigam, however, spoke out

in support of Bieber.

Nigam told Times of India, “Why are we acting so ignorant and why are we so amazed at what

Bieber has apparently asked for? Every singer who comes to India asks for these things. Purple

curtains, satin beds… they have their quirks, it's their system. Even a Madonna or Beyonce would

ask for it.”

He also stated that even some Indian artists make such demands as well. “This happens here too.

I know of Indians who do it as well. Certain music composers demand a swimming pool facing

suite if someone else gets it.”

Nigam further said that he is surprised Bieber is trolled so much as he is successful with his

music year after year.

Aisha Mohammed
Aisha Mohammed

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