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Kanika Kapoor on Bollywood Actors turned Singers

Kanika Kapoor has been fortunate to have a successful career as a Bollywood playback singer recently. She is known for a number of peppy songs, especially Baby doll and was even part of the T-Series Mixtape. The singer also has strong feelings about actors who turned singers.

Kapoor told Indian Express, “I think it can be quite distasteful. But then there were times I listened to Alia (Bhatt), and I thought it was quite nice. Main Tenu Samjhava was really good, I felt there was a lot of innocence in that song. But then there are others who have sung and I did not like it at all. So it depends from actor to actor. I think it shouldn’t be overdone, and they need to stop thinking that they are singers after singing in their movies.”

The singer also opened up about her journey as a playback singer, “When I came into the industry I really didn’t know how to perform. I had to learn it over the first two years, and today I am able to perform, but there is a long way to go for me, but I am very committed to my job. There goes a lot of hard work and dedication behind performances, and you have to make sure that you are not arrogant towards your job. The day you feel you know it all, you stop learning, and that’s taught me a lot. I am ready to learn, and I am ready for criticism.”

The Babydoll singer also said there is a lot of pressure for all artistes, and it is all part of human nature to be competitive. However, she believes that one should use that competitive behaviour as innovation to be a better individual and do something great.


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