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Jubin Nautiyal’s new song leaked

Jubin Nautiyal has been receiving quite a lot of love and positive feedback with his recent hits, “Kisi Pyar Ho Jaye” and “Humma Humma” among many others.

Nautiyal was in shock when he learnt his new single had been leaked. He said that he will be filing a police complaint with the hope of the culprit being caught and other singers not having to suffer. He told Mumbai Mirror, We had shot an expensive video after getting 22 permissions for a rock concert sequence at the India Gate. I feel so helpless right now. T-series wants to get done with the paperwork regarding the leak first because of which the release is delayed.”  He went on to say that he trusts the studios he work with and it might have been hacked.

He had been working on “Haaye Dil” for the past two years and thought now would be the right time to release it, as his songs are becoming popular. The track was set to be released on Februrary 12, as an early Valentine’s present to his fans.

Aisha Mohammed
Aisha Mohammed

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