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Aamir Khan’s Search for Interns

Aamir Khan’s Search for Interns

Dangal girls Sanya Malhotra and Fatima Sana Sheikh not only had the opportunity to play Amir

Khan’s daughters, they also got a year long internship at his production house.

After their Dangal shoot ended, the girls were approached by Khan to intern for him and they

happily agreed. They said it was not an easy task as they had to be on their toes with him all the

time. They learnt a lot from him and the effort he puts into his work, since their day would start

at 9 am and end at 10pm.

"People know him as a brilliant actor, but we got to know how brilliant he is as a person. We got

a sneak peek into his life. It is encouraging and motivating to learn everything from someone so

talented and experienced," said Malhotra.

Having completed their stint, Amir Khan now has room to take on another two interns from

April. Once persons drop off their CV’s at his Bandra office, his team will choose from there.

Who wouldn’t want Bollywood’s Mr. Perfectionist to be their boss?!

Aisha Mohammed
Aisha Mohammed

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